Billing is processed the day of your delivery.


You can change your order as often as you like. Order changes must be made before the order window closes, which is each Thursday at midnight prior to the coming week's delivery.

You can mange your orders directly through our website any time before your cut off day by logging in with your username and password given at sign up. Please note that order changes include “Skip Delivery” or vacation holds. Please use the handy Going on Vacation or Skip Delivery features to skip deliveries.


Skipping a delivery can be managed through your account by clicking on the "Skip a Delivery" tab after logging into your account. Be sure to include your delivery date in your skipped delivery time frame but do not include the following week if you are planning on being back for your next delivery. A good rule of thumb is to set your away dates from Monday to Friday of the week that includes your delivery date.


There is a nonrefundable annual membership fee of $16 added to your first billing. This fee makes you eligible for our deliveries as well as privy to shop in our online store. There is also an $8.00 bag deposit charged to your first order. This is the only time you will be charged for the deposit, as long as you have your exchange bag present each delivery. In the event an exchange bag is not present, a new bag will be left and an $8 fee will be applied to your account. Since it is a major kink in our process when the exchange bag isn't present, the bag fee is a week by week transaction and credits for previously forgotten bags aren't issued at time of delivery. We realize life happens and things get forgotten, if this is the case, please be proactive and reach out to us and we will work something out.

If you decide to cancel your account, you get to keep the last bag delivered. We do not come out to pick up the last bag or credit forgotten bags from past deliveries. The Farm Bags are awesome for Farmer's Market runs, trips to the grocery store, road trips, picnics, etc.


You're never gonna want to cancel because the produce is everything we brag them to be! But in some cases, it can't be helped and we don't want any unhappy customers.

To cancel your service, simply log in and remove ALL RECURRING items from your account prior to the cutoff. This is the only way to cancel your service. We do not accept emails, text messages, Facebook message, etc. for cancellation. Once you have removed your RECURRING ORDERS from our site, please email with your full contact details to request that your account be deactivated, otherwise any future fees incurred will be your responsibility.

Please note cancellations must be made before the order window closes each week.


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