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Trust where your Food Comes From

LocalFarmOK is a family owned farm working with other local farms so that we may deliver a variety of the freshest, best tasting, all natural locally focused produce and products - directly to your doorstep, year-round! We take great pride in our produce as well as in the additional local products offered. Through our partnerships with other farmers and local food artisans, LocalFarmOK is able to bring you a variety of all natural produce, farm-raised meats, dairy, eggs and artisanal food items directly to the doors of the Tulsa Metro Area. Nothing makes us happier than to be able to offer a service to bring these items direct to you – essentially a farmers market at your doorstep!


Easy to follow recipes, inspired by the contents each week, are provided. We are hopeful to transform the way you eat and ultimately feel - and hope that you try new things and discover new favorites along the way.


So much so that you don't have to commit to us. We won’t ever make you commit to a delivery contract, because we believe you’ll enjoy the quality and convenience of our local products without any strings attached. We take customer service and our commitment to our community very seriously! It is our desire to continually innovate so that with each delivery we meet and exceed your expectations more so than we did with the previous one. If for any reason you aren’t 100% delighted with your delivery, please let us know! You have our promise to always do the right thing because we truly do care!

We Keep it local for a reason

Locally grown food picked at peak ripeness, tastes better and is more nutrient rich. By signing up for LocalFarmOK you are guaranteed to enjoy the best tasting produce while supporting your local economy.

As a member of the LocalFarmOK community, you have our promise to always source products as close to your front door as possible – year round. And by sourcing local, we are able to deliver the freshest produce when it is in season, while cutting down on the carbon footprint involved with getting the product to your door.

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