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GLENPOOL, Oklahoma -

Locally-grown produce delivered straight to your door, the same day it’s harvested, that's the mission of a new farmer in Glenpool.

The owner of Sage Farms said it’s the ultimate in freshness, and he said for just being in business six months, business is good.

The owner of the local business, Ben Neal, swapped his manufacturing job for farming, and is offering to deliver vegetables from the farm to your table every week.

Right now he has Romaine, chard, kale and 35,000 heads of butter lettuce pack the greenhouse. It’s all thanks to aeroponics.

"There's water dripping down the roots, so it's literally growing in air," Neal explained.

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But it’s not only his food that’s growing, so is his business, fast. He's harvesting, and selling, 3,000 heads of lettuce each day.

Neal said, "We've been growing for six months now, so we're fairly new at this, and we're already expanding about 125 percent."

He attributes that to the drought in California, a state that typically produces a lot of produce, and to the demand for food that's grown locally.

Sage Farms sells its vegetables to distributors like Blue Apron, a food delivery service that will send you all the ingredients you need to cook a recipe.

Now, Neal is offering a similar delivery service to Tulsans - delivering produce harvested the same day.

“We are actually bringing it to your door. We've got a nice little refrigerated, insulated bag that we put about 12 items in," he said.

Eventually, Neal wants to add products to the bags from other local farmers, like fruits and meats.

"The market is strong. People want fresh, local produce," Neal said.

He hopes to expand not just to other parts of the Tulsa metro, but to Oklahoma City and Dallas.


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