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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the produce Organic and Non-GMO?
Our produce (Sage Farms) is All-Natural and pesticide free. We are Non-GMO as well. We are GAP certified with farming practices in sync with Organic farming but we are not certified organic. We also purchase produce from Organic Certified farms and Conventional farms.  

Are there any contractual obligations or fees associated with the subscription service?
There are no contracts. Simply pay as you go. If you for some reason decide to no longer receive our service, all we require is a week’s notice. There is however, an annual $10 Membership Fee which makes you eligible for our deliveries as well as to shop in our online store.

Do you deliver to my area?
Please watch this video to learn more.

Can I halt my service if I am going to be out of town or unable to receive deliveries for a certain period of time?
Yes. To do this, you utilize the handy Skip Delivery feature on our site. By clicking on this, an easy to use drop down calendar is provided for you to enter your away and return dates. Multiple date sequences can be entered, as well as amended at any time.

How do I store the produce?
Remove the plastic liner with the produce inside from the Farm Bag. Place plastic bag with produce in the refrigerators produce drawer. Make certain you roll the top of the bag closed to ensure the moisture is held in. The produce should last up to 2 week in most cases.

What happens if I forget to leave my bag out for exchange?
In the event you forget to leave your bag out for exchange, a new bag with produce will be left and a $8.00 charge will be added to your account.

Am I able to personalize my bag?
At this time, all Farm Bags are the same – containing the “Farmer’s Choice” of the week’s freshest offerings. This allows us to provide you with the highest quality, local produce at the best price point. So if you get something in your bag that is not your preference, simply share it with a friend or neighbor! Even so, you are still getting an amazing deal your produce! If you are interested in additional items not present in the Farm Bag, you may always add additional Local items found in our online store for additional fees.

Can I buy produce directly from the farm and or visit Sage Farms?
At this time, we do not accept visits to the farm or give tours. If you live outside the delivery area, we are working on a weekly central pick up point. Once this program is launched, we will promote it on our website.

Do I need to wash the produce?
Our Insurance Co. knows best - They say, Yes wash all produce before eating. 

What do I do if my credit card is declined?
In the event you receive notice that your credit card has been declined, please login immediately to update your information in order to make sure your service is not interrupted.

I am having trouble logging in. How do I get help with this? 
Please watch this video for some tips.

Do deliveries always arrive at the same time? What do I do if I don't receive a scheduled delivery?
Due to the constant change in our routes, delivery times change from week to week. We deliver from 8-5. If you do not receive your delivery by 5 on your scheduled day please email us and we will run tracking on it for you.

Where will I get the recipes with the subscription?
You will receive the weekly recipes via email prior to your delivery. For additional recipes and ideas, please visit our Facebook page Local Farm OK.

What are the delivery days?
Deliveries take place between Monday and Friday weekly.  Once the cutoff date for deliveries has transpired, you will receive an email to let you know exactly when your delivery will occur, along with descriptions of the Farm Bag contents – as well as to remind you to put out your exchange bag.
How do I cancel my subscription?
We hope that you love our produce and never cancel. However, if you just can’t stand to eat the freshest produce available any longer and want to go back to the not so fresh stuff at the store, we understand and have no hard feelings.  You will need to log into your account and cancel the subscription by removing ALL RECURRING orders. Because of the preparation and planning labor put into each weeks harvest and delivery, we require 1 weeks’ notice for cancelation.

What if there is a quality issue?
We hope that this is never the case but if there is ever an issue with a product that we delivered please do lettuce know so we can offer a remedy to the problem.


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