How it Works

FIRST you must select a Farm Bag, Variety Bag, or Greens Bag Subscription – Weekly or Every Other Week Delivery. There are NO contractual obligations or commitments needed, just an annual $10 non-refundable Membership Fee which grants you FREE deliveries. If a subscription type such as, Farm Bag Weekly or Variety Bag Every other Week is not selected our system defaults to the Farm Bag Every other Week subscription. This subscription type can be modified at any time.   

With the Farm Bag Subscription, you will receive an assortment of the freshest seasonal produce delivered in an insulated Farm Bag – usual combinations consist ,of but are not limited to 4-6 portions of Butterhead, Romaine, Red and Green Leaf Lettuce, Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Blueberries, Asparagus – to name a few. We are committed to growing and sourcing local and fresh, therefore in order to remain true to our commitment, components of the Farm Bag will vary from week to week. If we are unable to source items needed through our network of local farmers and ranchers we will utilize some of our local distributors to find the needed products outside of what we consider local. Sourcing products outside of our local network is always the last option we choose. The components of the "Farm Bag" are the “Farmer’s Choice” and substitutions are not allowed. However, if you desire to customize your delivery beyond your Farm Bag, you may do so by selecting additional items in our online store.

New subscriptions and Add On items are finalized each Thursday at 11:30 PM  in order to qualify for delivery the following week. You may add to your order any time before The Thursday cutoff. This gives us ample time to harvest, plan for and source your desired local items for delivery. Each Thursday contents will be listed on our website home page, as well as our Facebook page - giving you a glance into what to expect for the coming week. 

When signing up there is a $8.00 Farm Bag fee charged to your 1st order.  This is the only time you will be charged for a Farm Bag as long as you exchange the bags each delivery. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to place the exchange bag out each time a delivery is made. In the event an exchange bag is not present, a new bag will be left and a $8 fee will be applied to your account. If you decide to cancel your account, you get to keep the last bag delivered. We do not come out and pick up the last bag or credit forgotten bags from past deliveries. The bag fee is a week by week transaction that is only charged if your exchange bag is not available at time of delivery.  

If you are on vacation or to suspend deliveries for a period of time, log into your account and under my account click the skip deliveries tab to select the date range to hold deliveries.

All changes to orders must be made before the cut of time Thursday night at 11:30 pm. Cancellation, skipping deliveries, vacation, etc made after the cut off period of Thursday at 11:30 pm the week before your delivery will be charged.  We strongly recommend that if situation occurs, to have your neighbor pick up the bag to hold for you or to let them enjoy the produce themselves. 

To cancel your service, simply log in and remove ALL RECURRING items from your account. This is the only way to cancel your service . We do not except emails, text messages, Facebook message, etc. for cancellation.